BTC can possibly face more Turbulence!

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Now there are a lot of aspects that would arise when technology gets developed and attracts a lot of attention especially if it is benefitting someone economically. One such apt example would be Bitcoin (BTC) that has been facing a lot of hindrances from the inception of its technology.

Problems all the way!

When the technology was introduced to the normal financial world, many condemned the concept to be a ridiculous one and many of them did not believe the concept had a future. But as time went by, the value of the digital currency slowly developed and showed immense value on trading, slowly paving the way to many more similar blockchain technologies to exist in the financial market. 

But as the popularity increased, so did the number of problems that arose with the same. Of the many controversies, the most preceding and still existant one is the Craig Wright war against Bitcoin. 

The very famous Craig Wright was on loggerheads with Bitcoin for a very long time. The Nchain scientist who claims to be the first person to start the blockchain technology development vouched to make sure that he would bring Bitcoin to its very knees.

Wright’s war is well-armored!

The scientist claims that he is on a very dedicated hunt to get more patents approved under Nchain to make sure that he can convince the management of Nchain to put a legal lawsuit against BTC or the BCH network.

 The current portfolio update on the companies spree on gettings patents registered under their name is not solid or confirmed. But according to a recent interview with Craig Wright, the scientist claims that the company has currently more than 600 patent applications registered under its name and it is not very soon that the same would be confirmed under the companies name. 

However, the people in the blockchain space are still on the verge of getting things confirmed from the official sources regarding the same. 

To get more clarity on the matter, Jimmy Nguyen, the chairman of Nchain and the companies former Intellectual property lawyer was put under the questioning table. 

There were a lot of questions that were thrown to him to get the light over the matter, but the former IP lawyer did not mention anything specific. But he confirmed one thing that the company has now more than 800 patent applications registered and would definitely move a legal proceeding ahead BTC, once the rights that come along with the patents mature at a particular period of time.

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