Blockchain and the metaverse to find their way into Consumer Electronics Show

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Towards the end of last year, the concept of the metaverse flared up. Facebook’s rebranding into Meta was the first major step of a leading tech firm into the metaverse, and this has been followed by similar announcements from leading brands.

This week, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event is taking place in Las Vegas. The event will see topic discussions on blockchain, the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

CES event in Las Vegas

The CES is an annual event that includes exhibitions from some leading electronics giants such as LG, Samsung, Amazon, Sony, etc. The event will take place between January 5 and January 7, and it will host over 2200 exhibitors.

Additionally, crypto and NFT companies will also feature in the exhibition, which will be an interesting addition to the event. Some of the cryptocurrency firms featured in the exhibition include the FTX exchange, Blockparty NFT platform and Atomic Form, an NFT software and hardware developer.

The event will also feature speeches from notable crypto figureheads such as the founding director of Filecoin, Clara Tsao, the chief growth and product officer at the Celsius Network, Tushar Nadkami, and the chief policy officer at Coinbase, Faryar Shirzad.

Leading electronics brands to showcase crypto, blockchain & metaverse tech

Some of the leading electronics brands will use the event to showcase their research and developments related to the metaverse. Some of the features they will most likely showcase revolve around “hardware, software, and the blockchain and crypto.”

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Samsung is one of the leading consumer electronics brands in the event that is venturing into blockchain initiatives. The electronics manufacturer will be launching an NFT platform for its new smart TVs.

The senior manager of industry intelligence at CTA, Brian Comiskey, noted, “We’ll really be looking at Samsung. Their smartphone advancements at the show will be an interesting area to watch from the hardware Metaverse side. Their televisions are even going to be showcasing what they can do for the metaverse.”

Comiskey also noted that he was bullish on crypto, blockchain and NFTs. He noted that these technologies would be the “future evolution of payments and what trade looks like.”

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